Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have two new sims to introduce to you. They are a couple in my game, but you can do what you like with them. They come with Maxis hair, I am just sporting Anubis's Cazy retexture on Vanessa because, it is one of my favorite hair styles.

Together shot of them

Chance Cruz

Vanessa Rosslare

You can do what you like with them, they are yours to play with. I just ask that you DO NOT CLAIM them as your own. If you are going to upload them to pictures, videos or stories a link back to me would be nice, not necessary but nice. Have fun with them or which ever one you chose. They are quite fun!

Props to the custom content creators

Chance Cruz

Skintone: Ephemera Skintone Default
Eyes:  Tamo Ultra Plain Default
Lip color: Tamo's Super Sheer Lipstick
Facial Hair:  Kitty Klan's Soul Patch Default
Upper Lip Slider: #aWT GEOM sliders: Upper Lip
If you do not download the slider for his upper lip it will alter his lips you see in my picture.
Everything else is Maxis. It helps to keep the size of the file down.

Vanessa Rosslare

Skintone: Ephemera Skintone Default
Eyebrows: Shynes Simple brows (I couldn't find them on her blog anymore)
Eyes: Tamo Ultra Plain Default
Eyeshadow: Club Crimsyn: Putting on the Damage by Aikea Guinea
Lipstick:  Shyne's Killer Lipgloss
Lip sliders: #aWT Upper lip width slider and Hermi's Lip Slider
If you do not download the sliders for her lips they will not look like the ones in my  pictures. Everything else for her is Maxis, even the hair I was just showing her in one of my favorite hairs. The link for the hair is at the beginning of this post, if you didn't see it.




  1. They both look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and glad to see you back!!!

  2. Meow! I love them :D So pretty and delicate!

  3. Rosslare,
    The Expanse system is comprised of several units, the main unit, the EXP-10...