Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coming Back!

I am in the process of making up a bunch of sims to share. I have been so busy that I have not had a chance. I will get them posted tomorrow, once I get my gardening done today!


  1. You know I'm your number 1 fan, hurry up and come back! lol <3

  2. I have come back!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to work on some unusual looking sims, but they all come out looking goofy! Then I go right back to making pretty ones. I want unique! I need better slider hacks I guess. I only use two and they are both the lip one. By the way I was not able to link to your eyebrows that Vanessa is wearing. I am unsure of Chance's, I think they are yours I am not sure. I do not have much CC so I guess I can look to give proper credit. I was feeling lazy though. haha!

  3. LOL Yeah for some reason I can't get eyebrow custom thumbnails to appear. Doesn't matter, I don't mind, feel free to not link whatever, it happens lol <3