Saturday, March 26, 2011

Delilah Frost (Coming Soon)

I am almost finished with Delilah Frost.  I am testing her out in game some more, and will have her uploaded by tomorrow most likely.  I am currently trying to make a Diana Ross-esque sim. 

Here is a preview of Delilah

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Samson Frost

One rocker coming up! This is Samson he and his sister have a band called what else Samson and Delilah. (she will be available soon) .  He is a total rocker, friendly and has been told he is a fantastic kisser.  Do as you like with him just do NOT claim him as your own work!



Don't forget to unzip him to your SavedSims folder.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corky McClellan

Corky is my lovable dork! He is eco-conscience, never would start a fight and is a master chess champion.  He spends most of his day on the computer playing chess, when he is not working as an author, who doesn't love a great book?  Do as you wish with him, just do NOT claim him as your own work!


Skintone and socks: Aikea Guinea
Contacts: Escand
Eyebags: Kitty Klan
Eyebrows: Miss Bonbon
Lipstick: Lemon Leaf 

I never use any slider hacks in my game.

Download Corky McClellan

Eric Northam (kind of)

This is a sad attempt at making Eric Northam for my daughter.  I think he is a good looking simmie, so I thought I would still share him.


Skintone: Aikea Guinea
Contacts: Escand
Eyebags: Kitty Klan
Eyebrows: Miss Bonbon

Margo Pierce

Made for downloading.  I have not played her in game, my intention was to play with her and I just have not gotten around to it yet, sadly, she sits in a plain house waiting to get a life. lol!

I do not use slider hacks

DOWNLOAD Margo Pierce

Antwaun Pratt

Meet Antwan Pratt he is an aspiring athletic star.  All he does is live for athletics.  You can do what you like with him kill him, play with him, use him however you like, just DON'T claim his as your own work.  If you use him in a video or story I would sure love to see it, but not necessary.

 DOWNLOAD Antwan Pratt

Karlina Kramer

Karlina Kramer an aspiring journalist.  She is a bit quirky, hope you have fun with her.  Do NOT claim her as your own work! Feel free to do what you like with her be evil to her, spawn her, use her in your stories, movies or pass her around.


Everything else is EAxis, or a recolor of it.  I do not use any slider hacks. 

Download Karlina Kramer

Try this download, it is her with the hat from EAxis.  Don't forget to extract her to your SavedSims folder.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Day

Hello everyone! I am Natalie I have been putting my sims up for offering on several sites now and I decided why not do it from a blog and then I can know just where they are at all times.  I can take them down when I want and I can add whatever content I want about them and I am the only one to fuss at. lol! I will be digging in deep, making up a bunch of sexies and pretties for the blog.  I hope that you will return again and again to upload.  I love all comments, well most, but would appreciate if you have something too evil to say, please, keep your opinion to yourself.  Criticism I don't mind, but raping me via words I don't need! Thank you