Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corky McClellan

Corky is my lovable dork! He is eco-conscience, never would start a fight and is a master chess champion.  He spends most of his day on the computer playing chess, when he is not working as an author, who doesn't love a great book?  Do as you wish with him, just do NOT claim him as your own work!


Skintone and socks: Aikea Guinea
Contacts: Escand
Eyebags: Kitty Klan
Eyebrows: Miss Bonbon
Lipstick: Lemon Leaf 

I never use any slider hacks in my game.

Download Corky McClellan


  1. I like him very much. He will get a cozy home in my game1

  2. Your really good at making sims, they are all really unique. Question do I need the default skin that comes with your sims or are mine good enough?

  3. I am so sorry I just saw this. You can use yours. The only time it matters is when you use a non-default skin. Any sim you download when uploaded with default skin will just use the default skin you have in game. If you download an uploaded sim with non-default skin unless you have the non-default skin and the program to allow non-default skins in game they will appear a dark black color and you will have to change skintones.